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Last year we experienced our first cruise. We went with Royal Carrabean cruise liners in the Rhapsody of The Seas. It was the most fantastic holiday we have ever had and we are now hooked. Our next cruise is all booked and paid for, again with the Royal Carrabean but the ship is called The Legend of The Seas.
Again it is in around Asia because we want to see that area and because we feel like we missed out by only doing the first 5 days of a 14 day cruise last time so in a way we are finishing the trip this time.
We find we love the idea of being able to just sit back and enjoy all that the ship has to offer, have a very restful nights sleep and wake up in a new place with new adventuers ahead. Such a fabulous way to have a quick look around the world and to pick the few places we will be able to go back to one day when we have longer holidays and are able to spend longer in our favourite places.

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My husband Errol and I have just begun travelling overseas.
In the early stages of our relationship we took two years out from work and travelled right around Australia.
We had so many wonderful experiences during that time and we both want to go back on the road when we retire , probably not for8- 10 years or so yet.
Last time we did it very simply with just our old mitsa van that Errol converted with a platform in the back that took a double bed mattress. We then had room underneath the platform for a suitcase of clothes each, some odds and sods like tools, folding table and chairs etc. Then we had the space from the back seat to the back door, approximently3feet deep where we had two racks of plastic sliding draws that held all our dry food and cooking utensils, water supply to one side of the draws and the gas bottle and gas cook top on the other side. No fridge, just the dry food and fresh fruit and vegetables with lots of tinned fish and the occasional meal of fresh meat baught as we went through some town, approximently once a week. We used powdered milk and sao biscuits instead of bread. It is amazing what you can do with sao biscuits. You can even make porridge from them!!!!
The most fabulous two years that we still hanker for seven years down the track. I think it was the freedom to do as we pleased when we pleased, without having to keep to any sort of time frame or meat any deadlines. Such freedom is very intoxicating.

However this next period of time is our "overseas period" We are planning on having our annual work holidays travelling somewhere overseas. We figuer we will be able to keep working for 8-10 more years and so should be able to see a fair bit of this old world of ous.
So far we have been to New Zealand both north and south islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands Singapore that included a five day cruise on The Rapsody of The Sea.
We are now sold on cruises and have our next cruise holiday all planned and paid for, and we can hardly wait to go. It is however nearly 6months before we go.
What a motivation to keep working !!!!

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